San Juan Capistrano Food & Culture Tour FAQ

About the tour
Your Food Tasting & Tour will begin in a specified location. When you purchase tickets you will receive an email containing instructions prior to your tour.

This tour is not fancy – it is casual & fun! You can plan to arrive wearing shoes you are comfortable walking in as this tour is by foot. Weather in South Orange County is fairly predictable, but be sure to
check the weather prior to the tour. Arrive with an appetite as you will be presented with food very early on. The total distance is estimated at about a mile, however, this does not include walking in and out of restaurants and the return walk. During the tour we will introduce you to the unique culture and food of  historical San Juan Capistrano. We will discuss landmarks, historic sites, tidbits and restaurant specialties. You will taste flavors from places that we adore and love as you become part of San Juan. The tour will end within walking distance of the starting point. While you will experience many tastings, keep in mind that there will also be restaurants that we talk about and may not venture into. This is because we choose locations that a person may not venture into on their own, and there is simply not enough time to visit them all.

Word to the wise:

The streets are somewhat smaller & can be very busy. We will be crossing a busy street. If you will be bringing a child, you will be solely responsible
for their supervision. Flavors of San Juan Capistrano will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries while on the tour. Please watch your step and keep your little ones close at all times.

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